IMPORTANT McCities 1.16 Update and World Reset!


Our good old server is finally ready to move to 1.16!

McCities will be whitelisted for our move from 1.15 to 1.16 around 8am EST on Friday January 15th.

Please read the rest of this announcement (especially if you do not play often!) to ensure that you are aware of the changes needed before this time.

As 1.16 is titled the "Nether Update", we will be resetting the nether during our update. Please make sure to move anything you have stored in this world to a plot in Cayman or NewCity to preserve it. Anything left in the nether after 8am EST on the 15th will be gone forever.

Please take everything out of your ender chest and your normal inventory and place it in a chest in your rented or owned regions prior to the update. We are making some changes because of the inventory glitch last week and this is a precaution to ensure that your ender chest and inventory are not accidentally cleared.​


will our mythics and scrolls be resetted and irreplacable like last time 1.12.2 where we've lost a year of hard work?
Since I've been regularly updating plugins, there shouldn't be any major ones that need to be completely replaced or have gone through major changes from us jumping multiple versions at once. The plugins that needed the most work were our old custom ones or the abandoned ones, mythics are still actively developed.

Mythics was a huge change as it had been massively changed in the 3 versions we were behind. But we've kept up with it and its changes since getting onto 1.15.
Shouldn't be. The inventory request is out of an overabundance of caution, there shouldn't be an issue but it's just in case.