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By Coban on Oct 7, 2017 at 7:48 PM
  1. Coban

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    Greetings citizens of the world,

    Halloween is just a few steps away from us, so what better way to celebrate it than bringing some juicy updates to the server? We will gradually push all updates one by one to ensure and maintain stability, so no better time than now to tell us about all your suggestions, just create a thread here: Click here
    Let's start with this bloody update! ( ;) )

    I'm excited to bring you this news, and what makes it extra special is; this is only the beginning, more is on the way!
    For starters, it's worth checking out the update log section. The past few month we have focused mainly on integrating to a new system which has allowed us to have more control over gameplay features and lag, thanks to Kiri.
    Now that we have switched, we can easily and more freely add new features without worrying about inefficiency.
    Not only that, but I currently have plans to create a framework which plugins will be built on, this will allow for a faster implementation of features and removing the hassle of dealing with time-consuming tasks.

    Now for the real exciting stuff!

    Thanks to our skillful builders, DarkMagicianY, LeanneTheUnicorn, PurpleTurkey and their efforts we now have a wonderful arena to contain all the evil and spookiness that Halloween has brought upon us!


    We have made sure to have a wide enough arena to fight the boss in. With that in mind, PVP in the arena is disabled so you won't have to worry about betrayal.

    Now to talk about the boss

    All players will be notified when the event starts in chat, and at the same instance the boss will spawn in the arena well equipped for all those brave enough to walk in.

    To earn rewards, you need Halloween Candy which is obtained only by defeating the boss. All those who damaged the boss will get 1 Halloween Candy, and the one with most damage dealt will get 2 Halloween Candies & +50 Reputation Points.

    Halloween Candy
    can be traded for different rewards at the arena's entrance via the Rewards NPC.
    Some of the available rewards [There are more, don't you worry]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you damage the boss, make sure you stay in the arena or else you won't receive any Halloween Candy when it's defeated!

    More information will be available on the boss in the next update, so stay tuned!

    I know.. Been getting a lot of questions on when the next sale will begin, so it's only appropriate to give back now!

    Only for one week starting from now, ALL store items are 40% off. This is the biggest sale we have ever launched, and it's only for Halloween!

    Not only that, along with the sale we have temporarily increased the duration of the VIP Adventurer rank from lasting 2 month to 3 month! Applies only if you buy it in the next week so if you have set eyes on it for a while, now is the best time.

    We have also updated the store's design and logo to match with the theme, so give it a look and let know what you think of it!

    Server store link: http://store.mccities.com


    Let's being with..

    Recent events on the forums & minor news. We have just recently opened the gates to apply for Architect once again which is managed by our lovely admins, Izzie and Aury. If you are up to the task and a building maniac, give it a go and post your application here!
    Not only that, but we have given Architect members their own tag on the forums too.


    Now you may be asking, "What if someone is not into building, they get nothing?!".. No worries, there's still more fun stuff!
    As promised, we are still continuing the Player of the month event which is hosted each month to determine who is the friendliest of them all. Click here for the nomination thread, and make sure to nominate a friend fast before the event ends!

    "What if that someone is neither into building nor is nice" said the same imaginary person. "What do they get?!" Don't worry, that means they are the criminal type which we haven't forgotten about either. We are hosting a poll to update how chasing is done in police, we'd love to have your vote. Click here for the poll thread.
    And with that, we have summed up the general updates.

    I shall now give you a little teaser, just a little one for one of the upcoming updates..
    What is this weird potion you ask?... What if it's not a potion to begin with I say *plays dramatic music*

    That's it folks for this update, hope you enjoyed it! If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Oct 7, 2017.

    1. Gabriel
      Thanks for the updates I will of course beat everyone so don't be jealous. I had a first hand account with the ice stick thingy awesome!
      Arius likes this.
    2. Marshmallowsmalk
      ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT IS THAT NOT M-POTION-THING? (;-; When's the Halloween event gonna happpen though? Is it one set time or two times bc we also have people from different time zones...
      CP42 and Arius like this.
    3. Gabriel
      There should be a /warp Halloween
      QueenMelone likes this.
    4. QueenMelone
      So excited!! Thanks for making dis happen! Best server team evaaaaaaaa! how often will the battles happen? And will keep inventory be there?
    5. Gabriel
      I hope to get rep points @Coban
    6. CP42
      SSOOOOO COOOL!!! Where do I fight the boss?
    7. Marie
      I wonder who
      built that tree
      its really sexy
      CP42 likes this.
    8. Death_Inferno360
      I wanna fight
      CP42 likes this.
    9. Lauren
      YYAYAYayyya nice
      CP42 likes this.
    10. Death_Inferno360
      The boss fight is way too easy tbh, there should actually be a way to "lose", players just swarm the boss, u should add spawners that spawn in mobs until the horse is dead, and make the boss a little bit stronger, cus players easily get the kill and just a ton of candies being sold, and scammed
      CP42 and Marshmallowsmalk like this.
    11. CP42
      There is, yesterday, about 30 of us lost to tier 3, aka endless zombies and an IG boss
    12. Death_Inferno360
      There are zombies now?
      CP42 likes this.
    13. CP42
      On tier 3 battles, yes, thousands spawn, I got over 100 rotten flesh. Also, there is a buffed IG who can kill u in 3 hits... everyone died, melone, gj, me, and I forget others...
    14. Death_Inferno360
      Damn I got a handful of candies before this started
      CP42 likes this.
    15. CP42
      Yea, same, I only need 2 more to get the charger and stick!
    16. Turkey
      Ik ur lucky, that IG was literally unkillable
      CP42 likes this.
    17. KumaBear
      Such a wonderful update! Thank you MCCities for putting so much work into these updates :D
      CP42 likes this.
    18. CP42
      @nibble a suggestion I have is having it so that when you are in an event, the amount of mobs spawned is an algorithm such as x= 10y where x is total mobs, y is total players. Today, I was being chased for literally 5 mins by 200+ wither skeles who just kept spawning on top of me. I hope we can make it that some mobs despawn or something- I was the last one out of 5 people in the event this morning and it was too much, but it was fun xD
      Ty for the amazing update tho!!!!! Also, is the recharger permanent or a 1 use thing? I would recommend something in between those 2 if it's not, due to the fact that they are quick to be fully used!
    19. Marie
      I died so badddddd
      CP42 likes this.

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