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By Coban on Aug 31, 2017 at 1:27 PM
  1. Coban

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    Greetings boys, girls and things! Long time no see, we have all been busy with school and such but it's time to get back on track and spice things up a little!
    As you may know, we have pushed a few updates regarding security and performance in the past few weeks which ended in success with overall lag and stability. This is just the start of back-end improvements, soon enough when everything is in place, not only will new content be added, but lag will immensely decrease.

    Special Store Offer
    So let's kick things off by announcing that we are hosting a 30% discount on all store items, but it does not stop there; just for this occasion and for a limited time only, the VIP Adventurer rank will last 3 month instead of just two if you purchase it in the sale. You should now have plenty of time to study and enjoy the VIP perks!

    Community Updates
    It's just about time to start on releasing and testing new community events, from giveaways to roleplaying and player of the month rewards!

    Since it's the school season, we'll try our best to have those events scattered around the day so nobody would miss them, not only on the server but on the forums and our Discord too [https://discord.gg/AYmTCg]

    If you have any suggestions on what events you would want to participate in, let us know by commenting below.
    We would also love if you take time and complete the feedback survey, it helps a lot!
    Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/v7nBvI2g4V7fLTc62

    Now to wrap up this section of the update, I would like you to know that player of the month has finally returned (Or released for the first time, who knows?), so if you are interested in nominating a friend for the reward, check it out here: http://www.mccities.com/threads/player-of-the-month-nomination.5096/

    Staff Updates
    You may be wondering, why have we not been recruiting new staff? The answer is simple, we have been working on updating the staff system as a whole and this is for multiple reasons, first is to help the staff members themselves with their job and make it easier on them to handle on the long run and this will improve the efficiency and provide a smoother experience for you as a player as well.

    Secondly, we have introduced a new rank called Ban Team. As the name implies, this rank will be in charge of banning those who break the rules. Rank still is not in effect.
    Also over the next couple of weeks I will be recruiting new staff members, so if you are interested and meet the requirements, check it out here: http://www.mccities.com/threads/helper-application.1860/
    And don't forget to congratulate @Graphic_elf on her new promotion to helper!
    Thanks for your time, until next time.
    Coban, Staff Administrator​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Coban, Aug 31, 2017.

    1. Jo3512
      Ban team. Sounds cool. How does one apply?
      Last edited: Aug 31, 2017
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    2. Coban
      I still haven't decided exactly how I want the ladder to go, but the way I vision it now is to have it so you have to go through Helper and T-MOD, this assuming you are solely applying for Ban Team, but if you are applying regularly, then it will be a sub-group once you have gained enough experience.
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    3. Marshmallowsmalk
      Aww just called the Ban Team, if only the TeeHee ban Team
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    4. Jo3512
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    5. CP42
      Cobannnnnnn! Get it? Co(Ban) xD
      I just applied for helper this week, does that mean I can't apply again for 3 weeks, until after you accept more staff? It's my goal to get staff on the server (This is NOT a post to get u to look at my app btw) thanks in advance for the response!
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    6. Coban
      We don't really close our staff recruitment door, applications are always up.
      But two weeks from the day you apply is when you can send a new application in.
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    7. EnderPoop
      Daddeh Coban I must become ban team to ban all those ab00sive hacking cakes!1!
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    8. Turkey
      Question, what tier of staff is 'Ban Team' ?

      Helper -> T-Mod -> Mod OR Ban Team -> Sr. Mod

      Can you apply for this separately, and what will be the point of mods if this is a thing (since mod is like helper just with warn and ban).
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    9. Gabriel
      Thanks for the update. I think the ban team is a good idea
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    10. Turkey
      Rip I can't edit my comment, it thanks for the update :)
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    11. Coban
      At the moment, it's not a rank you can apply for directly. My reasoning for that is I want to ensure that you are fully aware of the server rules, and this is done via transitioning you through two of the staff ranks. If I however find you are not capable of handling the responsibility, it will come down to either staying a regular staff member or demotion.
      And the current rank ladder is (Will probably change): Helper -> T-Mod -> Mod -> Ban Team -> JrAdmin -> Admin
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    12. CP42
      Tysm Coban!
    13. Turkey
      Oh cool thanks
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    14. Death_Inferno360
      Add me to the Ban Appeal Team
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    15. Toryn
      Or maybe you could do like Ban Helper, Ban T-Mod (something like that) and Ban Mod
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    16. Toryn
      Then add Maybe a Ban Team application for players?
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    17. Coban
      You quoted my answer with the same question ^-^
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    18. Gabriel
    19. Toryn
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