1. We are currently looking for new architect and police members, if you feel up to the task for either, follow the links below to apply!
    Architect Applications: Click here
    Police Applications: Click Here

  2. Reputation has just been reworked, make sure to check out the cool update here: Click here
  3. This rule will now be enforced, please make sure to follow it.
    - No begging or asking for reputation from other players, whether in public or private chats. No selling or trading of it either. Giving yourself reputation using alt accounts is not allowed either.
    [Reputation reset - Ban]
Maintenance complete

updated to 1.11


IMPORTANT Unlock command
/unlock command will be added to the server on 6 pm EST 12/17

Function of the command - It'll basically allow you to break any signs (lockette) if you are allowed to build within that region.

Warning - Players who are added to your home/region will be able to destroy your lockette signs. If you don't trust them, simply remove them from the region by typing /as delfriend (name) (region).

Any abuse of this command to steal in regions you are added to will net you a punishment (as griefing)
As of November 28th 2016 we are disallowing automated farming and afk farming. We strive to a balanced economy and fair prices in the shop for all players and these things mess with that. Please remove any automated or afk farms you have or they will be forcibly removed and punishments given. Thank you for your cooperation.

As some of you might already know, I started a news channel about 5 months ago. This channel never took flight because the structure was not strong. However, I have seen much interest in a news channel and would like to start the job back up. First off, these are the following roles: Anchor/Journalist, Reporter/Journalist and Script Writer/Journalist. This job is the most prestigious job McCities will have to offer because there are only SIX job openings. Because of this there is a short application. The link to that will be at the bottom of this thread. Next, let me give you a description of the jobs.

Anchor/Journalist (2 Spots): Your the face of the company. You and another co-anchor read the news stories. Along with reading the news, you must submit a news piece each week for the newscast. This job requires a strong reader, writer,speaker, gmail account, and Skype.

Reporter/Journalist(3 Spots): This person goes on the streets with players and interviews them. Along with an interview the reporter must submit a written piece about their story. This job requires a strong writer, speaker, gmail account, Skype, and recording software.

Script Editor/Journalist(1 Spot): Arguably the most important role of the news team. This employee edits each news piece put into the script. Along with fixing the script this person provides one news piece a week. The job requires, Strong English Skills, Strong Writing Skills, Skype, and a gmail account.

Salaries vary depending on how much the newscast brings in. (Based on Views)
Anchor/Journalist - Guaranteed $3,000 each newscast.
Reporter/Journalist - Guaranteed $3,000 each newscast.
Script Writer/Journalist - Guaranteed $5,000 each newscast.

To Finish, all News Team member will receive a tag specific to their job.

Item like the one shown above will drop from mobs globally in wild, nether, and the end. Item tiers will depend on the mob type, so mobs like Wither or Ender dragon will drop the item of best tier. With the coming update, we've also decided to enable keep inventory feature in the cities (PVP will still be available). Along with that, we've also added /rtp feature in the wild so you can not worry about being camped for your life.

The scrolling system will be available to vanilla items within the week.

Side note: cobalt & reinforced equipments are disabled. They will be removed on use.​
IMPORTANT Few updates
Market Place

In need of money, or even a safe way to trade? You can now open market stands at /warp mall by typing /mp create! You can type /mp in-game for more information regarding this. Shop setup cost is completely free and you are free to sell items while you AFK.



Factories like this will soon become available. Factories will basically automatically generate items (Items will depend on what type of factory it is). Shown above it the lowest tier factory, Cruddy factory which can generate ores every 70 seconds! Factories will first only be available via our store, store.mccities.com, however, will eventually be available to everyone in-game. You can also attach chest shop signs to your factory allowing it to be a shop & generator!

1. Custom enchants would be enchants you can apply to your normal item. You'd be able to obtain custom enchantments that you can apply to your current armor.

2. Mythicdrop - Basically, this is a plugin that allows mobs to drop item of different tier. You would have "slots" on the items dropped by mobs with random enchants. You can also use these "slots" to apply different effects or "custom enchants". If needed, slots can be added to your normal items.

In both cases, armors like cobalt, reinforced, and so on would be disabled as the pvp would be completely out of balance if custom enchants were to be applied to those items.

Click proceed on the bottom right to vote.​

will now drop globally from mobs at the chance of .3% (Subject to change). There is also a 5% chance to get them from the Halloween Treasures. More items to come to Spooky, feel free to suggest new items!

With that being said, there has been a slight addition to the forum. Your avatar will now change to your skin's head if you put in a valid minecraft username.

Since we need new builds for upcoming features, we thought we'd ask you all for your help regarding builds! You are able to pick any of the builds listed below, and every time we get a quality build from you, you'll be rewarded. All players applying for architect need to build one of the following in the creative world and contact me.

Builds available

Mine - $40,000 + additional commission fees depending on the quality of the build. We would like 5 different tier mines for this particular build.

City Hall - $60,000 + additional commission fees depending on the quality of the build. For this particular build, we ask that you have reception desks and offices with a banquet hall and a main lobby.

Park - $30,000 + additional commission fees depending on the quality of the build. We ask that you refer to a park like Central park in New York for a build like this.

Beach - $25,000 + additional commission fees depending on the quality of the build. We would like a bit of water to better depict the shoreline.

Skyscraper - $15,000 + additional commission fees depending on the quality of the build. This build in particular completely depends on how you want to build it, but we ask for a detailed and quality skyscrapers.

More to be added soon.

Do not be discouraged by the low pricing, commission fees can add much more than just money to the overall pricing. "/mail send davidthepowerful (message) regarding inquiries."​